thrillhop® is the best way to make plans with friends in a few taps.

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Explore places. Make plans. Take pics. Group chat. All in one app.


Are you looking for a better way to plan than over text, and a more casual way to plan than FB Events?

We're building thrillhop to make planning easy and fun. We feature a map with local places to hang out, plans that can be made in < 30 seconds, and posts with no filters.

Check it out for free today on iOS or Android!

Anyone 18+ can use thrillhop to make plans with each other, hangout, and post pictures. You can easily invite your friends to places on the map or custom pins, and we'll text them if they don't have an account yet.

Check it out for free today on iOS or Android!

  • Download for free on iOS or Android
  • Search for the place you want to hang out
  • Invite friends from your contacts
  • Create posts when you are out and about

Make low-risk plans with your "quaranteams" or pods—groups of people you trust. We recommend following safety guidelines and social distancing.

You can use thrillhop to plan low-risk social activities such as:
Hiking & Camping
Walking & Biking
Fishing & Hunting
Golfing & Driving Ranges
Kayaking, Canoeing & Boating
Swimming & Relaxing
Campfires, Cookouts & BBQs
Group Sports & Activities
Drive-In Movies
Virtual Happy Hours
Outdoor Yoga
Business Meetings
Check it out for free today on iOS or Android!

If you are a business owner or manager, download thrillhop for free on iOS or Android. Create a profile and drop a pin on the map. Tap on that pin and then tap the top-right button on the place's page to send an email to us.

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