thrillhop is the best way to make casual plans with friends.

the beta is available now on iOS and Android — download for free today!
Problems with current apps
  • Planning to meet up is challenging and time consuming.
  • Maintaining and creating friendships requires consistency.
  • Finding what’s happening in my city is disjointed.

What we're building

Our users can set when, where, and who they want to go with in seconds. it's fast, easy, and fun!

thrillhop lets students, young professionals, and adults to see what's happening in their city and make casual plans at local businesses with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Grab some perks
  1. First dibs on your @handle (username)
  2. Get a beta user badge on your profile
  3. Business owners, check out our value prop
  4. chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card*

Benefits of thrillhop
plan details
Make plans in a breeze by setting when, where, and who in seconds.
create friendships
Create friendships by inviting new contacts and users to go out.
find places
View places and posts to experience what is happening around you.

Join our community

We need your help to create the best experience of the app during the build and launch phases. Your feedback could make its way directly into the final app. We want the user experience and design to reflect what you really want.

Check out our recent posts

Occasionally we write posts about what we're building, why we're doing it, and tips on how to get the most out of thrillhop. Check them out below or on the posts page.

hurry, there are a limited amount of testers allowed in thrillhop's beta!