thrillhop® is the best way to make plans with friends.

Explore places. Earn points. Take pics. Group chat. All in one app.

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Want a better way to plan barhops, kayaking, or cafe hangouts than texting and FB Events?

We're building an app that brings people together, and lets our users better explore their world.

We're looking for young adults who want to explore, hang out, and post about exciting places to check out.

Anyone over 18 can grab an account for free.

  • Download for free on iOS or Android
  • Find places to go on the map or on posts
  • Set times and details, and invite friends
  • See your plans, points, and posts in the app

First check out our page on how thrillhop can draw customers.

To claim your business on the map, download thrillhop and then email [email protected] with your @handle and business name.