Incremental Visits

Our goal is to drive incremental visits to local businesses, from eateries to casinos.

Users on thrillhop can only make plans to go out, and post while they are out, once there are places available nearby. We're diligently adding thousands of places across the US, and allowing thrillhop users can drop pins of businesses on the map for free.

Users can be swayed to go places they see in posts, sponsored places, ads in their feed, etc. Once they decide where to go, they can plan to go out with a group or solo. We will continue to build out tooling around the premise of commanding incremental visits to build up KPIs for user retention and acquisition.

An incremental visit occurs when a person is influenced by brand uplift and decides to enter a retail location, presumably to spend money. Our goal with thrillhop is to make the process of garnering incremental visits and accompanying analytics a seamless experience.

Busy Café

Business Verticals

We are supporting various verticals with thrillhop, with plans to add events.

Right now, users can select from a list of verticals and types when they go to search. Within each of these verticals are nested types for more granular selection, such as Arts & Entertainment > Performing Arts and Restaurants > Tex Mex.

Arts & Entertainment
Beauty & Spas
Event Planning
Food & Eateries
Hotels & Travel

In our backlog we have plans to introduce events to thrillhop—businesses in these verticals and beyond can benefit from adding ticketed events to the map to generate revenue and provide a seamless platform for driving incremental visits to their locations.


Advertising Channels

Drive top-of-mind-association and traffic to businesses with a streamlined advertising interface.

Business owners, retail marketers, and social media managers can benefit from increased traffic via advertising channels that are directly tied to abstracted user data. We plan on introducing tooling that makes this process simplified.

It is still early in the process of building out thrillhop and its audience, so feel free to take advantage of early user adoption and download thrillhop for free on iOS or Android.