reward your customers.

thrillhop™ is a mobile app that helps visualize the flow of foot traffic. It's the best way for users to plan their nights and invite friends to exciting venues in their city. thrillhop™ allows proprietors to get in on the action and create posts, specials, and boosts to garner attention. Reward customers with points for visiting and interacting with your business.

why choose thrillhop?

  • Be one of the first to join
  • Beta access to new features
  • Build up the Pittsburgh tech scene
  • Collect pictures and videos from users
  • Cut through the noise of social media
  • Invite users to enjoy your specials
  • Let users check into your business
  • Reward users with points for interacting
  • Screen media before it is posted
  • Visualize the flow of foot traffic

feature your business.

thrillhop™ map

new users are nearby.

Our plan is to gather a group of beta users in the Pittsburgh area, and branch into other cities as they become viable options. That means your business can be one of the first to join thrillhop™ and take advantage of the influx of users via it's viral nature. Be a part of the movement in this exclusive network.